"Hopeless. Desperate. Lost. Confused. These are all characteristics I would have used to describe myself before discovering Therapilates. I had been an athlete my entire life, but back and hip pain left me sidelined for almost 2 years. No running. No weight lifting. No sports. I saw a back doctor and a hip doctor, I tried two different chiropractors and two different traditional physical therapists, traction, and multiple steroid injections, but the chronic pain persisted. I had given up hope. Begrudgingly, I decided to try “one more thing”. As it turns out, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. TheraPilates was able to get to the true root of my problem. They used manual therapy techniques to treat the issues that doctors and traditional physical therapists were not able to identify. Their ability to assess the real issue is uncanny; They truly have a gift for therapy. They think outside the box, teach you how to help yourself outside of your appointments, and are honest, encouraging, and caring. For me, it wasn’t a quick fix, but after following TheraPilates treatment regimen and slowly gaining confidence that I wouldn’t revert back to the chronic pain, I went on to compete in an iron distance triathlon (1.2 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run). I still compete in athletic events almost 10 years later, and I 100% attribute the ability to do that to the therapy I have received from Therapilates. I have issues that come up every now and again, but a few visits with TheraPilates has me back in the game again. I have seen Sheri and her associates over the years for other issues besides back/hip pain, such as neck and shoulder pain, and they have helped every time. I highly recommend them to anybody who is experiencing pain. I cannot truly express how much life TheraPilates has given back to me."

-Kelly O'Brien

I’ve been a part of TheraPilates for 10 years.  I had never heard of Pilates on a reformer before TheraPilates.  I wasn’t sure what to expect – would I get a good workout?  How will this help me?  After my initial introduction, I joined a group class and have never looked back.  It is the best thing I have ever done for my body.  It still amazes me how my body has changed.  I have reshaped and toned my body as well as worked on my flexibility.  I have a very physical job painting and Pilates has helped me continue to work.  The physical therapy aspect of TheraPilates is fabulous as well.  I have utilized the physical therapy services many times over the years and am currently on a maintenance program to keep me painting.  The manual release technique has been so great for my body.  I’ve had areas released that had been bound up for years!  I’ve experienced dry-needling this year as part of my physical therapy treatments and have found it to be really helpful.  I highly recommend TheraPilates.  The environment is friendly and encouraging.  The classes are a great mix of ages and abilities and everyone gets a great workout! 

-Mindy Giglio (age 51)

Prior to beginning group classes and going to PT I had been coping with minor scoliosis and wearing a lift in my shoe due to being born with a club foot. I had known my body wasn’t moving correctly and was bound up, but I did not know if there was a solution to my situation. Within the first few weeks of classes I felt my body begin to be retrained in movement and strength, and after my first PT sessions we discovered that my left leg actually was the same length as my right! The way my hip had been rotated for all of these years had created this discrepancy. It is hard to describe the feeling that comes when you realize you don’t have to live with pain or have to wear a lift in order to walk. I am forever thankful for Jenny’s PT skills and her ability to create the space for free movement again and for teaching me how to keep my body restored after going to PT. I am in my third year of group Pilates classes, and there is no turning back. Sheri’s ability to work with your strengths and weakness in group classes is fantastic. Living in a stronger, painless body allows you to show up in life - show up for yourself and the people you love.


-John Hemmerle

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