Sheri Keller 

Exercise and fitness have always been a large part of Sheri’s life. She grew up out west, playing sports and enjoying all of the things nature had to offer. She came to the University of Cincinnati from Montana and received her degree in Exercise Science and then in Physical Therapy. She has happily been practicing PT for over 30 years.


Her strong desire to help her clients attain their highest quality of life drove her to open her own practice in 2008 when she realized that insurance regulations are the largest barrier to delivering quality care. Her private pay physical therapy practice allows the Therapilates Fitness PT’s to truly focus on providing exceptional patient care instead of dealing with insurance restricting demands on treatment. She knows that the large increase in high


deductible insurance plans makes her fee schedule very desirable and a significant savings for many. She has completed hundreds of hours of continued education with emphasis on hands on manual therapy techniques, including joint mobilizations, dry needling, soft tissue mobilizations and fascial release techniques. Her belief that no one should allow themselves to live in pain, keeps her researching and learning ways to holistically help each client as a whole person, not just as a symptom. This treatment theory led her naturally to the Pilates Reformer to help in the final component of optimal health and wellness, total body strength, balance and power!

One of the things that she loves the most is seeing clients, who have tried many other forms of therapies and treatments, come to TheraPilates Fitness and experience healing and recovery at the hands of our skilled therapists who also provide instruction in self treatment and exercise, allowing them to get back to their normal activities and lifestyles which they had been sidelined from due to their pain and lack of mobility.

She has an energetic approach to her PT treatments and to her pilates reformer classes and has developed a style and method of teaching pilates that incorporates the science of physical therapy and the art of Joseph Pilates’ methods. Her passion for pilates is displayed through her creation of classes that are inclusive for all ages and abilities, which assures that everyone can participate while challenging each client at their own level to push themselves to reach their own personal goals. She and her staff are consistently offering modifications to individual clients to guarantee safe reformer exercises, no matter the orthopedic ailment, making reformer classes welcoming and challenging to everyone!

She feels such gratitude for the wonderful TheraPilates community that affectionately call themselves the Pilates Family! It is these special people that keeps the community steadily growing!

When Sheri is not working she is happily hanging with her family and friends! She has traveled the country watching her kids play sports and loves cooking, hiking and anything outdoors!

Come join us, and see the difference an hour can make, to help you ...STAY IN THE GAME...of LIFE!

Jenny Stollmaier

Jenny has been practicing physical therapy since earning her physical therapy degree from the University of Cincinnati in 2001. She loves that she is in a profession where she can continue to learn and grow and is continually researching new ways and techniques to improve her skills and help her clients achieve their highest level of function. She has done pilates instructor training through Balance Body Fitness and loves the versatility of the pilates reformer.

Looking at the body as a whole and treating the dysfunction and not just the pain has allowed her clients a quick return to sport, leisure and life with the utilization of manual therapy techniques including myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization and integrative dry needling as well as stretching and strengthening. She loves watching her clients become more aware of their bodies and learning how to maintain their best


postural alignment to improve their strength, flexibility, and power while learning that they do not have to live in pain.

In addition to her manual therapy skills, she has a wide range of experience working with clients with orthopedic and neurological disorders through her employment in the acute care hospital setting, short and long term rehabilitation setting, as well as the outpatient environment.

Vikki Glaug

Vikki is a Balanced Body trained Pilates Reformer Instructor and is a Master Trainer and Instructor Coordinator for the SilverSneakers® Fitness Program.  She holds certifications with ACE, AFAA, AEA and the YMCA.  Vikki has been in the fitness industry since 1988. 

Certifications include ACE Group Exercise, AFAA Group Exercise, YMCA Group Exercise Instructor, AEA Aquatic Fitness InstructorACE Personal Trainer

SilverSneakes® Trainer, Classic, Circuit, Yoga, Splash, Stability & BOOM.

Additional Training includes Exo Chair, YogaFit: levels 1, 3, Seniors, Zumba Gold, Fitness First: Condition-Specific Instructor.

Alexis Weaver

Alexis Weaver lives in Anderson Township. Like many, she wears multiple hats: wife, mom to 3 young adults, literacy teacher at Summit Country Day School, ballet teacher and Pilates instructor. Alexis Weaver has always been fascinated by the the strength and fluidity of the body in motion. This interest in how the body moves and how to best maximize the potential of muscles developed during her ballet career.  As a ballet teacher, Alexis wanted to ensure that her students were achieving grace, balance and fluidity. Pilates was the natural answer!! Alexis was trained at Pendleton Pilates in Cincinnati, OH. She has been teaching Pilates since 2007 and loves being part of the TheraPilates family. For her, Pilates has given her strength, mindfulness and of course.... lean tone muscles!!!!

Gail Button

As an occupational Therapist for 25+ years I've promoted health and wellness in my clients of all ages. I have always been fascinated by what our bodies and minds can achieve given our individual talents and imperfections. The wellness I seek is found in the delicate balance of adapting to the constant challenges of life, not necessarily achieving a static state. Pilates perfectly reflects the balance of movement and stability in our bodies and lives and has been a perfect addition to my therapy practice.

I began taking Pilates classes around 2015 


when I realized how little core strength I had even though I was running half marathons. I found that Pilates was more enjoyable and sustainable than running and I was excited about the changes in my day to day life. I had better breathing, flexibility, total body strength, coordination and endurance! I have since been trained through Balanced Bodies and am loving teaching at TheraPilates Fitness! In my free time I hang out with my husband, 2 dogs, 2 adult daughters or work on watercolor paintings. 

Jordan Slemin

Jordan is a student at the University of Cincinnati and she is majoring in Exercise and Fitness and minoring in Nutrition and Health. She was a competitive dancer for 14 years at Just Off Broadway. While pursuing dance, Jordan was introduced to Pilates at the age of 10 to help with core stabilization, body alignment, and flexibility. She trained with Alexis Weaver and TheraPilates, until she went on to further her Pilates studies at Pendleton Pilates to become a certified instructor. Jordan hopes to provide strength, flexibility, and balance in a positive atmosphere that enhances the mind, body, and spirit. 

Jordan Slemon.jpg
Erin Palin